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Trades have never been easier

Streamlined trade values

Let buyers get a trade-in value faster with Modal’s stand-alone trade tool, including custom net value adjustments

Accelerated vehicle acquisition

Turn values into offers faster with VIN and photo verification for remote confirmation

Integrated with the entire experience

Trade details are remembered for future checkout sessions, saving more time

From estimate to offer in moments.

Modal Trade enables customers to value a trade quickly and easily. Plus, they can provide VIN, odometer reading, photos, and more, so you can verify their trade value remotely. It saves more time in-store, and dramatically lifts your trade acquisition rate.

  • Get a trade estimate in seconds
  • Native design builds buyer trust
  • Collect trade-in details in advance
  • Upload trade-in photos quickly and easily
  • Request an appraisal appointment online
  • Just think about going to bed and waking up with sold orders in your inbox, from the happiest customers you will have! Modal gives us a unique edge.
    Steven Grindstaff
    General Manager @ Grindstaff Kia
  • “Thanks to Modal Trade, we’re acquiring high-value trades at a much lower cost than buying at auctions.”
    General Manager
  • "Modal delivers the best consumer experience. That’s what sets it apart. We're selling an average of 30-40 cars per month with Modal. At one point, we were even earning 25% more back-end profit on Modal orders."
    Luke Moore
    Director of Ecommerce & Digital Experience @ Bob Moore Automotive Group
  • "Modal is a breath of fresh air. It works perfectly for us and really helps us stand out. Our customers say it’s amazing."
    Seneca Giese
    Co-Founder @ Current Automotive
  • "Honestly the best experience I've had at a dealership! Buying online was great since it saved so much time - it was a perfect option for me. I couldn't be happier with the whole experience!"
    Online Car Buyer
    @ Dahl Automotive
  • "What sets Modal apart is its ease of use. For us, Modal is by far the top converting and easiest to use. Compared to any other tool we use, it is the easiest. "
    Chris Reggie
    Co-Founder @ Digital 1 Group
  • "We’ve tried other digital retailing solutions and have increased our volume 11X with Acura Precision Purchase powered by Modal. We’ve even seen increases in front-end gross as high as 79% with Modal."
    Bob Niven
    Operations Manager @ Sunnyside Acura

The future of sales is with Modal.

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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
Modal is SOC 2® certified.
© 2021 Modal
Terms & Privacy
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