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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love — with a seamless, native online checkout that delivers up to 35% more sales.
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Our seamless, integrated platform

Modal’s native design integrates with more than 60 tech partners for a powerfully unified digital retailing experience.
Dealerships make up to $700 more per vehicle sold with Modal.
Save 2-3 hours off the typical time to transact a sale and approve financing.
Set up is fast and easy — with integration right into your existing website & systems.
Unlike your sales team, Modal’s solutions never sleep.

Shorten the buying cycle.

purchase time

Industry standard 
purchase time


Seamless End-to-End Experience

With our streamlined shopping experience for your customers, you can offer real digital transactions, with payment calculation,  products, accessories, trade-in, real-time credit applications, financing, & more!

sell more cars
higher conversion rates
higher engagement
per transaction
Streamlined experience saves time
Builds buyer trust and loyalty
Build buyer trust

We make it simple.

With our native solutions, you can connect the online and in-person experience for your customers with an intuitive checkout that builds trust and restores their confidence in the car-buying process.
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Streamlined, compliant financing
Streamlined, compliant financing

Do more with ecommerce

Our native, transparent solutions can help you leave your competition in the dust.

Digitize your

Modal’s digital retail solution fuels more vehicle sales at significantly higher margins.

Modernize your funnel

Deliver an end-to-end transaction with F&I, accessories, trade-in valuation, financing, and more.

Increase your

Increase online close rates by up to 5X the industry average with Modal's fully-optimized user interface.


Provide your dealers and clients world-class service and support


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The secret to selling to Millennials.

Don’t try so hard. Millennials are one of the fastest growing segments of car buyers, but they shop differently than previous generations.
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Modal in Action: Honda of Burlington

This family-owned Washington dealership tripled their online lead conversions in their first 30 days of implementing Modal — increasing sales, volume, and profitability.
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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
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Modal turns the complex car sale into an easy digital transaction that buyers love.
Modal is SOC 2® certified.
© 2021 Modal
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